List of Living Stories

Since I haven’t yet found a list of these that meets my satisfaction, I’m hoping to make an attempt here, but will need help, since I haven’t progressed far enough to know many of them from experience. I’ll add contributions from the comments to the list in this post.
[li][ul][li]Family and Law (The Cheery Man and The Last Constable) - Triggered by selecting &quotThe Last Constable?&quot in &quotStudy the Secrets of Fallen London&quot in Ladybones Road or selecting &quotMore Than Just a Landlord&quot in &quotRowdy Times at the Medusa’s Head&quot (requires Dangerous 1-11) or &quotTame the Undergrowth&quot (requires Dangerous 2, Family and Law < 1) in Watchmaker’s Hill.[/li][li]A Name Written in Blood - Triggered by a success in &quotA Marksmanship Competition for a Prize of Jade!&quot (requires Dangerous 17-31) or a success when you select &quotAggressive Gardening&quot in &quotTame the Undergrowth&quot (requires Dangerous 2, Family and Law < 1) in Watchmaker’s Hill.[/li][li]The Numismatrix - Triggered by selecting &quotThe Numismatrix&quot in &quotChat With the Local Gossip&quot in your Lodgings (requires 5 x Appalling Secret, Free of Surface Ties 1) or by selecting &quotTracking Down the Numismatrix&quot in &quotThe Numismatrix&quot card (requires Free of Surface Ties 1).[/li][li]The Subject of Admiring Attention - Triggered by a rare success when you select &quotTell a Risque Joke&quot in &quotThe Singing Mandrake&quot in Veilgarden.[/li][li]Possessing Knowledge of a Singular Tattoo - Triggered by a success from either option in &quotVenture: Uncover Hidden Tattoos: The Resolution&quot (requires Persuasive 36-47) in Veilgarden.[/li][li]A Legend Among Ratkind - Triggered by a success when you select &quotTry to Take Him Alive&quot in either &quotYour Reputation Has Brought Out the Rattus Faber Chief&quot (requires Dangerous 39) or &quotA Showdown With the Rattus Faber Chief&quot (requires Troubled by Vermin 1-3) in your Lodgings.[/li][li]Causing the Wrong Sort of Interest - Triggered by a success when you select &quotBlackmail Her&quot in &quotArea Diving: A Spot of Blackmail&quot (requires Shadowy 21) in Spite.[/li][li]That Which Waits in Shadow - Triggered by a success when you select &quotBrush past her in the crowd. Exchange the pouch for another full of fake secrets&quot in &quotSnaffle Couriered Messages&quot (requires Shadowy 6) or a success when you select &quotThe Thief’s Road&quot in &quotBurgle a Jeweller’s Shop&quot (requires Shadowy 33-47) in Spite.[/li][li]Marsh-Mired in Dreams of Sustenance - Triggered on reaching Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name 8. See wiki for current triggers and requirements to start Seeking.[/li][li]A Dream of Other Places - Triggered by a success when you select &quotDecipher Graffiti&quot in &quotStudy the Secrets of Fallen London&quot in Ladybones Road.[/li][/ul]
Now. Some of these are from the wiki, but some weren’t listed there, so I’ve probably missed several. Any suggestions?[/li][li]
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The ‘“Tame the Undergrowth” (requires Dangerous 2-11)’ is actually A Name Written In Blood, and it’s available for as long as you don’t pick a side in Family and Law.

That Which Waits in Shadow is also triggered by stealing from ring fights in Spite, a roughly 30 shadowy option.

There’s ‘Mr Eaten would like to send you a dream of long-ago injustice’, which is started by ‘Do you know the number of candles?’

Can you develop this and upload it to the Wikia?

Really? The wiki suggests otherwise. Maybe I’ll set up an alt to test that.

Aha, adding. Thanks.

Thanks! I’ll add this. Trying to get info from the wiki while not actually reading too closely due to spoilers - the conflict!

That’s the idea!


You haven’t got the “decipher graffiti” from study the secrets of Fallen London - can’t remember the name of the message you get when the living story arrives but it increases watchful

‘which is begun by a success when you select &quotBut the View Outside Your Window isn’t Right&quot (requires Unaccountably Peckish 1) in the &quotA Dream About Your Home&quot (requires Recurring Dreams: Death By Water 7) card.’

Personally, I wouldn’t include this; there are numerous ways to start seeking, and a lot of them are likely to be changed, given SMEN’s overhaul.

Circe, it’s A Dream of Other Places.

I’ve tested the gardening thing on several of my alts; also, the shadowy living story is from pickpocketing at a ring fight; I’m not sure if it’s from burgling the jeweller’s shop.
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Thanks Laluzi! Updated with your changes.

No problem! Happy to help.

Mmm, two more living stories just occurred to me - the ones where you ‘evolve’ your Philosophical or Unscrupulous Raven Advisor to the next stage; the former with a Primaeval Hint, and the latter with a Diary of the Dead (and some other assorted materials).

I’ve just come across one that’s marked as triggering a living story in the wiki, but it hasn’t triggered for me. Any input?!

I think there’s a living story that starts after you get certain tattoos. Or there might be multiple.
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To anyone looking at this list now, notice the OP is two years old. A Name Written in Blood, The Subject of Admiring Attention, That Which Waits in Shadow, and A Dream of Other Places were retired when the progress trackers were updated over the last year or so, and Marsh-Mired in Dreams of Sustenance is retired as part of the Mr Eaten storyline. There is a new living story at this year’s Feast of the Rose that no-one has seen the and to yet.