List of Fate-locked content

I want to compile full list of Fate-locked storylines for the sake of newbies and other.
Only storylines, don’t need event-locked content, Fate-cheated anti-grind, exclusive items and small options, like story in Clay Quarters.

&quotA trade in souls&quot - 25 Nex
Some dark secrets and opportunities. Not very revealing, but has ties through all over the Fallen London.
Needs Shadowy 20+.
At Nex Page.

&quotThe Rubbery murders&quot - 25 Nex
Some tentacles and Rubbery opportunities. People say it’s &quotplay and forget&quot.
Needs Watchful 20+.
At Nex Page.

&quotA long-lost daughter&quot - 25 Nex
Is she indeed your daughter? People say it’s &quotplay and forget&quot.
Needs all skills 30+.
At Nex page.

&quotEpisode of aunts&quot - 15 Nex
Story about stupid hyperactive aunt, devils and scandals.
Needs 21-51 Persuasive.
Opportunity cards scenario, Fate-locked at tiers 3 or 7.

&quotFramed in gold&quot - 19
Mysterious story about notable menace. Light connection with University. Opportunity for good blackmail.
Needs Scholar of Correspondence and Repentant Forger.
Opportunity card, unlocked with Scholar.

&quotMysteries of Foreign Office&quot - 20 Nex
Conclusion of Office storyline. People say it’s very good.
Needs tier 7 of Office story.
From Office or Sculptress at Lodgings.

&quotFlute Street&quot - 25 Nex
Conclusion of &quotSolving cases around London&quot. Tentacles.
Needs tier 7 of this storyline.
Opportunity card.

&quotCloser look at Velocipede Squad&quot - 20 Nex
Dark secrets and conclusion of this story.
Have to be on Squad to unlock.
From Coalman at Lodgings or storylet at Ladybones at Riding the Savage Cobbles 7.

&quotSecrets of Beasts&quot - 20 Nex
4 new beasts to breed and truth about bishop’s plans.
Needs Progress in Labyrinth of Tigers 16 and Scholar of Correspondence.
From Coalman at Lodgings or opportunity card.

&quotThe Face Trade&quot - 25 Nex
Scandal and mystery surrounding a singular Tailor of Faces. Shivering Relicker with rat involved in this detective story.
It’s better to finish &quotUncovering the Secrets of the Face Tailor&quot first, because this may be accounted as continuation.
Requires Acquitance: Honey-Addled Detective and 10+ connections in ‘decent’ factions.
Currently non-available, wait until it will be added to Nex page.

&quotThe Gift&quot - 30 Nex
Dark secrets, horror, aberration in this story about some very special persons in the Palace.
It’s better to go through &quotNocturnal visitor to Palace cellars&quot before, since stories are lore-related.
Requires Forgotten Quarter and at least 60+ in each skill. Spoiler, but it’s better to have some Memories of Light with you.
Currently available all over Fallen London, will be moved to Nex page.

Anything else?
And please, add a few words to each title. I don’t have enough Nex for all of it.
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Oh, thank you for warm words.

May I ask you to correct/add this list? I have no Nex and had to use not perfectly reliable sources.

I will say that Flute Street has fascinating (even disturbing) lore and the Breeder of Beasts is one of the best Nex investments overall.

A trade in souls has many tie-ins with other content, and is worth pursuing early on (the storyline is forgettable, but the options unlocked after are usually rather memorable) The long-lost daughter storyline can have an effect in a few other places, but is ultimately forgettable (still not as forgettable as the rubbery murders, in my opinion).

I also think the Jack Case has a Fate-locked alternate story, but haven’t done it myself.

I did the Breeder of Beasts, and while I got some nice lore, I didn’t get the opportunity to make many echoes. I can make fancy beasts, but, as far as I can tell, they aren’t good for anything. Although, my choices at the end may have locked me out of better stuff.

At least one of the Beasties obtainable can be used in the place of an expensive item to help set up a newspaper.

Flute street and Secrets of Beasts (sometimes called theological husbandry) are both brilliant and flute street provides some of the best “bang for you nex” giving you 2 great new areas to explore

As a newbie, I REALLY appreciate this thread. Thanks!

That story doesn’t have that much pence rewards. Some of the pets have decent opp cards, though =)

“The Face Trade” - 25 Nex
Scandal and mystery surrounding a singular Tailor of Faces.
Requires 10+ connections in ‘decent’ factions.
Currently available from ???


I also think the Jack Case has a Fate-locked alternate story, but haven’t done it myself.[/quote]

Having done the Jack Case, I can say that it is beautifully brutal.

It is on the short side though, at only 4 key progressions, but it also has scattered London Gazette news clippings, via Opportunity Cards, of what your Jacked-up character has been doing in his knife-induced frenzy.

It was a wonderful Fate interlude to an otherwise free story. And none of the main free story is lost by taking it. Merely delayed, and arguably rendered in a new light from your character’s eyes.

“Become Jack” - 10 NEX

Game Instructions: WARNING: doing this will mean you become Jack-of-Smiles. The content here will be significantly more graphic and visceral than usual for Fallen London.

Unlocked with The Jack-of-Smiles Case 4

Does anyone know what the Fate-Locked Expeditions provide?

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