List of Books

I’ve been compiling a list of all the books/texts you can own in Fallen London. Have I missed any?
I’m doing this for purely role playing purposes, I’d like to own a complete library.

An Angel Amongst Thieves
Book of Hidden Bodies
Celebrated Short Story
Classic Short Story
Compelling Short Story
Competent Short Story
Copy of your Allegorical Satire
Copy of your Epic Poetic Cycle
Copy of your Gothic Romance
Copy of your Patriotic Adventure
Copy of your Tale of the Future
Copy of your Tragedy of Romance
Correspondence Plaque (If you can still see straight afterwards)
Diary of the Dead
Entry in Slowcakes Exceptionals
Exceptional Short Story
Extraordinary Short Story
Illicit volume of unexpectedly racy fungal themed poetry
Iron Republic Journal
Journal of Infamy
Journal of Metaphysical Conjecture
Lies Below the Palace Story
Masterful Short Story
O’Boyle’s Practical Primer in the Various Languages of Nippon, Tartary, Cathay and the Princedoms of the Raj
On the Maladies of Goats
Proscribed Material
Relic of the Second City (technically clay tablets count as reading material)
Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book
Short Story
Tear Drowned Collection of Incomprehensible Love Stories
The Crimson Shadows
The Devils Courage
The Thief with Neither Face nor Name
The Word of Caution
Thrilling Short Story
Uncanny Incunabulum
Unloved Short Story
Unusual Love Story
Volume of Collated Research
Volume of your Cryptopalaeontological Work
Volume of your Prelapsarian Archaeological Work
Volume of your Theosophistical Work
William of Paris’s Early Designs for the Silver Tree

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Missed one from the Feast of the Extraordinary Rose: an illicit volume of unexpectedly racy fungual themed poetry.
edited by Parelle on 4/17/2016

The penny dreadful that gets written about you when you get Master Thief up to 5 can be one of:

The Thief With Neither Face nor Name
The Devil’s Courage
An Angel Among Thieves
The Crimson Shadows

I don’t believe there’s a way to get more than one of them.

Not sure what your criteria are. I’m drawing the line at works designed for people to read for fun or study as literature, leaving out short notes, legal documents, etc.

Correspondence Plaque
M. Demeaux’s Advice for Captains: Commemorative Edition
Voluminous Library
Volume of Collated Research
Page from the Liber Visionis
Compilation of Case Notes
Mackay’s Story (Ambition: Nemesis item)
Notes on the Case of the Speculative Arachnid
The Word of Caution, from the Fate story Flint. (Careful: I believe it’s possible to lock yourself out of it.)
Unusual Love Story

And if you want to stretch it, The Pirate-Poet and the Corresponding Ocelot.

(EDIT: Never mind these, they’re probably not written down:
Tale of Terror
Touching Love Story)

And this is just from my inventory, so I’m sure there’s more.
edited by TheThirdPolice on 4/17/2016
edited by TheThirdPolice on 4/17/2016

Thank you all for your help, I’ve been wondering whether Correspondence Plaques should count, but if I included Second City relics I suppose they should.
edited by IgnatuStone on 4/17/2016

Also Diary of the Dead.

And Intriguer’s Compendium.
edited by TheThirdPolice on 4/17/2016

“On the Maladies of Goats” – vol. 1 only.

On a broad definition of reading material, you can also add Meritorious/Salacious/Outlandish Copy, from your Newspaper. The Outlandish copy even has an ‘Enthralling’ quality.

“Lies Below the Palace” – scandalous little novel!

Sealed Copy of the Crimson Book

Does the Compelation of Case Notes count?

Compromising Documents?

i think I’m going to draw the line at one off documents, letters, and smaller pieces of text designed for temporary purposes.

“Curious Customs under the Earth” (p. 301)

where’s that one from?

From reading a random page in the Wiki, I’m afraid…

I think I’m going to limit it to books that you can actually own.

The Fidgeting Writer’s Poetry and the surface poetry that provides a Glimpse of Something Larger?

William of Paris’s Early Designs for the Silver Tree
Tear-Drowned Collection of Incomprehensible Love Poems