Light Fingers - Ends at 55?

I collected the highly expensive list of items wanted by a certain doctor. However, she sends me back to the docks and there’s no follow-up.
Does this ambition end here? If so, egads that’s disappointing.

None of the ambitions are finished yet. There will be more content later, so until then just sit back and find something else to do. :)

Wow… all I spent to get here and nothing to show for it? Yes, some story which was good but seriously… ever heard of risk vs reward?

Personally I found experiencing the Orphanage to be 100% worth it, though…
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“Here” being the middle, not the end. Like Sara said, the Ambitions haven’t finished yet; you shouldn’t expect full closure and rewards at every temporary stopping point in a story, now should you?

Fallen London is a story-based game. Rewards are secondary to a good story.

In my day, we couldn’t even get to the Orphanage! Kids these days have much more to show for their Light Fingers progress! (Seriously - patience, dude. The story will continue and you’ll be able to pick up exactly where you left off.)

So more than two years have past and nothing changed? That’s disappointing.
Are there any news about it?

Well yeah. There was supposed to be an update soon™ along with the rest of the ambitions. No confirmed date, just hopes and dreams.

I don’t see them updating the story anytime soon, given how they are focused on renovating the gameplay (early game, favours and renown, the new inventory sections, etc…)

The last Ambition update (Heart’s Desire’s penultimate update) was only three months ago. There was a longer gap between that one and Nemesis before it - about six months - but that one came only two months after Bag A Legend’s. So, well, we’re not exactly alone in the wilderness when it comes to Ambition updates. I shouldn’t expect it to be much longer at all.

Only the other day I was plying the stygian expanse of the Unterzee, pushing my trusty vessel through stifling, inky darkness, lost off the Carnelian coast. From out of the encircling gloom I glimpsed the indigo sworl of a flock of milliner bats. Training my glass upon them they just as quickly vanished and instead my gaze fell upon a tiny outcropping of rock, barely raising its head above the black waters. Upon it sat Sir Frederick Tanah-Chook, one leg crossed over the other and wearing an expression of patient expectation. Drawing alongside I hailed him and asked what business could be his in this forsaken place. He replied:

I cajoled and implored, appealing to his reason, would he not come away with us and abandon this endeavour, one which much surely claim his life? My entreaties availed me naught, he would not be moved, quite literally. I am still haunted by the memory of him, sitting cross-legged and slowly sliding into the night, his face fixed. calm and expectant. For all I know he sits there still.

For what it’s worth, Light Fingers is the next one to get an update.

Ah, good news in this case!
I hope I’ll advance enough and be ready for an update, but I want a special drink so I won’t lose my current dreams.
Damn these rare successes!
EDIT: Bit ashamed, but what was that drink’s name? Seems that I forgot it’s name, where you can get with Fate and where you can get it with a rare success so I have no place to start looking for it.
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EDIT: Bit ashamed, but what was that drink’s name? Seems that I forgot it’s name, where you can get with Fate and where you can get it with a rare success so I have no place to start looking for it.
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Honeyed Laudanum?
The fate option is i the Mr. Wines sale card, the rare success is in the LoT I believe.
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The rare success is almost certainly retired.

I mean, yes, it is, but it’s also been eleven months since the last one, and the first three updates took less time than that altogether. Not to mention that when the updates were announced in the first place, the release schedule was supposed to be a couple months total. I get that Failbetter has had a lot on their plate recently, but this is still seriously disappointing, especially given that they haven’t even given us a rough timeframe on how much longer it’ll be. Shouldn’t this update be a top priority at this point?

Oh, now this is sad as I didn’t do the nightmare part of the Ambition yet! Ah, well, could be worse!

They probably should have offer an approximate time frame, but, myself, as a new player, I find it a bit frustrating to find a new game and see it’s content can be covered in 1-2 years of active playing (probably more). But seeing that there’s a lot of content and some of the stories not finished yet gives me the thrill of competition when something new is introduced to the game; the discovery if I’ll be able to explore, the curiosity, the math behind the requirements and rewards, the discussions, the guesses!
Given the fact that a new waves of player would have come from SS and from the app I guess the best thing would do to delay the late-end content. It may be unfair for people who probably have explored 90%+ of the game, but don’t tell me none of them have crazy/insane/useless achievements on their list.

When I first started out, I figured that after I finished my chosen Ambition I would be able to pay some fate to reset it and play through the other stories. Just last night I recruited the final player for the Marvelous, and having played this story I want even more to see the others, but I don’t want to lose my place in Heart’s Desire! There was a tiny hint that the venue for the game might be in Parabola, and I really want to learn more about that place when the story eventually gets written.

Sounds like you’re at the point where you’re about ready to make an alternate character with which to play another Ambition! ^_^