Light Fingers. A child is born?

What on EARTH is cooking in Clarabelles tummy? A master?, Rats?, a starveling cat?, an angry dwarf?

It is explained a little further on. To spoil it would be criminal.

I’m a few steps into the new content, and we do find out more about this. There’s also some tantalising info about the giant “gem” that lured us into all this.

Though it does rather explain what we saw in the carnival mirror…

(Incidentally, can anyone remind me of the item requirements at Zee? I’ve gone back to London to get more Contraptions, but I don’t want to forget anything.)

This is what I’ve written down :

5 Whirring Contraptions
20 Aeolian Screams
2 Puzzle-Damasks
20 (?) Correspondence Plaques
24 (?) Amanita Sherries
1 Warm Amber.

Groovy, cheers. Didn’t want to use anything up constructing the contraptions, then have to go back for it -again-!

Which island does Dr. Vaughan reside?

@Jack: Her own special one. You’ll see it when you are asked to choose a destination.

Now, this revelation has raised many more questions than it has answered! Here’s a few I’ve thought of:

  1. Wait, does that mean that every one of [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]the false-stars was born[/color] in the same way?
  2. Dr. Vaughn said the [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]the things may have been bred, mentioning ‘part mount’.[/color] Who would [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]ride such a creature[/color]?
  3. Was that… thing in the basement of the Orphanage [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]a moon-miser[/color]?
  4. I have a thoroughly locked iron box that has been sitting at the back of my character’s parlor. I have gotten glim out through a slot on the side, once. Does it contain [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]one of these things[/color]?
  5. We know that glim melts when exposed to sunlight. Did the Bazaar bring [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]the moon-misers[/color] with it? [color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]They could not have originated in the Surface, with such a weakness.[/color] Where did they come from?

After that, I got to thinking on the nature of the Bazaar’s acquisition of London in general, and some additional, more systemic, questions emerged.

  1. There are four previous cities before London. The remains of these cities are beside, around, and underneath London. However, if these cities were to be held to continue under the guidance of the Bazaar, there would presumably be some natives of the 4th City, 3rd City, etc. down here when London arrived. Instead, these places are empty.
    What happened to all the people? Do we really want to know the answer?
    And finally, a question that I would be surprised if no one has asked before now.
  2. If you piece together the plot, you can surmise that the Bazaar traded a life for a city. That much is easily determinable, with publicly available plot. However, the question is this: What did the Bazaar stand to gain? Surely the acquisition of London cannot be a simple matter of commerce, so what do they want with the 5th City, after all?

I need to speak to Doctor Vaughan but it says i need respectable seven! Is it just because i am unwelcome at the university? I would hate wasting echos buying a Respectable Landau and going into the Parthenaeum.
edited by Jack Blackstone on 5/8/2012

You will need a sufficient amount of Respectable (may I recommend a Membership in God’s Editors?) and to be welcome at the university (though, as a bug, the ‘unwelcome at the University’ thing will appear, but lit up, if you are welcome). You will also need a low scandal.

Thank you, however as Hells crony i dont think it will be right to join a bunch of crazy Catholics. I guess i will have to join the club and then leave.

Hey Jack, my character is Hell’s spy within God’s Editors, but he wouldn’t mind a little help on the project. :P

Hell seems to have much more interesting titles. Connected the Church at over 300 is “Approved” just like it was at 150, unlike Hell and Society which grant new titles. I was hoping for something like “Safe from the Bishop of Southwark” (if such a thing is possible) or “Sainthood can be Arranged” (mostly joking). But I suppose conservative groups have conservative titles.

I had actually refused to join on the principle of refusing to alter scripture, but now I see a secret war between all the factions trying to edit the Good Book in their favor.

But on topic ladymadsci, I imagine the entire purpose of buying cities is so that the Bazaar can not only control major economic centers but to use these as the base for gaining the love stories the Bazaar so desperately desires. My question is why the Bazaar is so obsessed with money and taxes. The best way to control the people around it I suppose?

150? 300? Good lord! My highest connection is Society, at a quite respectable 63. That said, however, I can proudly claim to have connections with EVERYBODY.

Yes, even the Masters :)

Also, the love stories explanation seems plausible. But, what happened to the residents of the former cities? Surely they can’t have moved away?
edited by ladymadsci on 5/8/2012

I imagine that those who are not immortal died of old age.

True, true, but what of the children? London has its urchins. There must have been something comparable in the previous Cities.

I believe the cavern could not have been empty when London arrived unless something happened to the former cities.
Or, the Bazaar did something…

Does anyone remember how much respectable is needed? I rather not have to construct a ratwork velocipede if not necessary, as I’m already a part of the gods editors, and I dress rather nicely.

7, if I’m not mistaken.

what’s a Puzzle-Damasks?

Puzzle-Damask is the 5th-tier item in the rag trade category. It can be created from thirsty bombazine scraps; as of yet, it can’t be used directly, though as mentioned, it is required for the Ambition.