Light Fingers 6

Hello, I’ve run into a wall with this ambition. I cant find where the next part is and when I’ve done google searches, all I can find is that it takes place in the Wolfstack Docks. Is there a way to get there without getting Dangerous to 60+?
It’s strange if there’s no way to get there without getting your dangerous to 60+ since it’s a 25ish shadowy ambition.

Am I trying to get to the right place or is Light Fingers 6 actually somewhere else and if not, how do I get to the docks?


You’ll need to use the docks for Light Fingers anyway eventually. I can’t actually remember the point you’re at, but it goes on a lot further and you’ll need higher stats in general … so pursue other cool stuff for a bit?

Alright. I’ll start working on my other stats as well then. Thanks for the reply.


At Dangerous 40-80 you can draw a card (The Ways of Wolfstack Docks) that can let you go there temporarily. And a while back I think there was an access code that gave permanent access to the place, but that code is probably disabled by now (I think it was a weekly snippet). But yeah, you may have to become Dangerous to proceed with your Shadowy ambition. The game kind of expects you to become good at everything, not just one or two things even if that might fit better with your character concept.

You can get there without Dangerous 60+, but that is when it’s most useful to visit outside of your Ambition, as going before that tends to not have many stories unlocked.

“The Ways of Wolfstack Docks” card has a choice for a one-time visit to Wolfstack for 50 Jade, and you can permanent access via 500 GLim and 200 Surface Currency. That’s pricy, but it’s also a mid-to-high Dangerous area with lots of useful things, including where to purchase your own ship. Worth it eventually, but if you want to use the day trip, I think that card starts showing up at 40 Dangerous.

One thing to keep in mind is that your Ambition will have you returning to Wolfstack many times, so you’ll need to gain permanent access at some point.

Alright. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!
goes to start working on the Dangerous trait