Life is Strange

Anyone play this game? My friend say it is a great story game but I want to hear other opinions before I buy it.

From what I’ve heard, it’s an interesting journey but the ending fails to deliver. Haven’t played it myself, I admit.

I played it myself, and recommend it. The ambiance of the game was what I liked the best. As for the ending, you might say that, but it is coherent with the rest of the game… even if it can be frustrating. Well, no spoilers.
If you have any specific question, do not hesitate to contact me, as I do not know what exactly I can say, the fact that I liked it excepted.

I’d say it is disappointing in a way similar to Mass Effect 3 - an unsatisfying ending that didn’t give closure to things that come before it.

The game did really well on building a mystery, and on choice and consequences for the first four episodes. The ending basically made your choices irrelevant and consequences erased, and the mystery it is built on had a last-minute answer swap, and the characters suddenly went mad with logic leaps.

I have not played the final episode, but it builds a good atmosphere and is a solid step in episodic gaming, I feel.