Liberation of Night - Yes or No? [POLL!]

[quote=Rupho Schartenhauer]
… and you think the Fingerkings aren’t bossy at all and will just welcome you as an equal and leave you in peace?[/quote]
There are also March-Barons, who are known to be quite lax when properly fed. And a presence of two contesting parties always makes some room for a man in the middle to profit.

Exactly my plan, too!

May I have a moment of your time to talk about our savior, the Dawn Machine?

The Chain will be broken. The Judgements snuffed out. The Dawn and all its followers will be as Gods in the new order created.

But, yeah, honestly, I like the Liberation of the Night, but still think there must be someone who holds the reins. The Dawn Machine is definitely not a good choice. It’s still better than the Judgements.
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I laughed hard. x)

No laws ? So, nothing to keep possessive snakes to possessively possess people, or just take the vacant place as new rulers. I’m not sure it is better than stars-rulers.

Aren’t fingerkings only possessing people so they can be in the real world? If the judgements are gone and can’t stop them from being real, I think they’d just become real instead of bothering to possess people.

Yes! The species will adapt and grow STRONGER! Why do you anti-LONs want to keep us confined to lives of weakness?

Or, you know, the species will mostly all die horribly, and the survivors left to a hellish existence.

I see no benefit to anyone via the LoN without an actual plan to replace the current order that we can evaluate. And such a plan, by definition, can be seen as another form of tyranny, so what’s the point and what’s the difference?

There are either some rules, or there is total anarchy.

Hellish? Paradisaical, you mean. Dark is beautiful, light hurts us all.
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One need only visit the Iron republic to see the horror of the night, menaces are created and destroyed on a whim, yet the republic is a refuge for the menaced and a curse for the fortunate. The republic is only good as a long as it is an option and not a coercion; liberating the night needlessly and wantonly destroys its redeeming factor by forcing it upon the world.

I seek a path beyond light, beyond dark what could possibly wait for me there,yet i seek it insatiably.