Liberation of Night - Yes or No? [POLL!]

LoN has been discussed on the forum many times, but AFAIK there has never been an actual poll about it. Here we go! :)

Three vs two. Liberation has it! Close the poll, turn off the lights.

Night whispers; what does it say? There’s just so much we don’t know, and we’re charging right into it full speed without knowing the full ramifications and consequences for the entire Universe. There’s so much more than us out there, and yet a small group of people are making a decision that will affect literally every single thing in existence? How is that at all a good thing?

yeah, i agree, the judgements suck

I’m not convinced the Night will be better, though. Who does it benefit? Who will suffer in the aftermath? Absolute power of a minority is not good, absolutely not, but anarchy isn’t a good thing either.

Every system needs it’s…flex. Wiggle room. Loopholes. While the current system is perhaps not to everyone’s liking, the sudden and absolute annihilation of it will serve no good. Sustaining such a state will do no greater good either, despite idealist claims to the contrary. We are in the Neath. If you can not find the freedom for it down here, one must question what, precisely, it is you are trying to -do.-



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Liberation of Night

The Masters are bats and their Echoes are lies

When you see a monster, snuff the lamp

The Empress is Jenny’s chambermaid!

[i]When you see a monster, snuff the lamp

[/i]The Bishop’s a snuffer, the vicar’s a Jack

[i]When you see a monster, snuff the lamp

[/i]The Duchess whores herself out for the Vake

[i]When you see a monster, snuff the lamp

[/i]The Admirals send you to slave for the Dawn

When you see a monster, snuff the lamp

The Sun wants to kill you for breaking the Law

[i]When you see a monster, snuff the lamp

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It’s irresponsible to the point of being monstrous. Those planning it ought to be slaughtered on sight.

At least you can close your eyes to escape the light. This Liberation would be an inescapable horror.

Tell that to the Dancing Duchess.

I think what appeals about LoTN is the promise of social mobility. Simply put, a sentient creature ought not to be restricted simply on how it was born.

The Law doesn’t allow relationships between the lower and higher chains aside from eating (godeaters and Monster Hunters) and oppression of feelings and freedoms (Bazaar and Masters).

I need more information. Maybe the Liberation is a good thing, maybe it’ll just destroy everything and cause our end. Without knowing what “can” happen if it’s unleashed, I cannot make a choice.
If I was the only one concerned, I would probably give it a shot. But here we’re talking about an event affecting the entirety of the universe (well, except for Parabola, maybe…).

Well at least now I know who to put on my blacklist. X( Don’t make an enemy out of the people who WILL end up winning.
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[quote=Psyche Labyrinth]
Well at least now I know who to put on my blacklist. X( Don’t make an enemy out of the people who WILL end up winning.
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Oh yeah??? Well I’m not inviting you to my bridge club’s Pancake Social this Sunday, so there!

As impatient as I get with the selfish motives of every character in this game, turning off all the lights everywhere would make it impossible to read about them!

I just want to point out that “not making a choice” is in fact the choice that the Judgments are relying to maintain their stranglehold on reality with concepts like “laws” and “light” and “life” and “death” and “everything shouldn’t have sex with everything else.” And the only reason you think light is better than endless darkness is because understandably but sadly, you’re simply used to it! That and DEMNED JUDGMENT PROPYGANDA everywhere. “But I like the light, mommy, it lets us see things!” Poor little tykes don’t even KNOW any other way.


You already had me at &quoteverything shouldn’t have sex with everything else.&quot No need to further this rhetoric, let’s douse some stars!

I sincerely do not care about LoN, as there are other, much less radical ways to deviate from the Chain, settling in Parabola being my current favourite. Considering constant power struggle inside Calendar Council and the wretched nature of man itself, I highly doubt these people can actually think in categories that do not have &quotLaw&quot, &quotRule&quot or &quotI am the Boss&quot written all over them.

[quote=metasynthie]&quoteverything shouldn’t have sex with everything else&quot[/quote]If that’s your idea of LoN…

50 echoes for a bucket!
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… and you think the Fingerkings aren’t bossy at all and will just welcome you as an equal and leave you in peace?