Levels of Acquainted With?

After a few dinners I reached level 4 in Acquainted With one of my acquaintances, and now I’ve received a message for a private dinner with a different acquaintance which says that: &quotAcquainted With hasn’t changed, because it’s higher than 3&quot

But my list says that the level for that acquaintance is still 1 (like all the others apart from the one that rose to 4). Is that how it’s supposed to be? Does that single level 4 cover all my acquaintances now? Not that I know what purpose the level has, but I figure that it’s better to ask than to remain ignorant.

I have this same question.

As of the moment they aren’t used for anything, you get Acquainted with 1 for accepting/sending a calling card, and any social option that requires an acquaintance will increase it, capping at 4. Presumably certain options will alter, or new ones will be added, requiring that you have done a few things with a certain person before you can use them for it.

It’s that “certain person” that doesn’t seem to work though, as other acquaintances are prevented from gaining levels because one acquaintance already has level 4. So either all acquaintances will have to use the highest level among them, or those other acquaintances must be allowed to gain levels.

A similar thing happened with the Trust quality during Hallowmass, I think. It’s probably a bug.

I’d send a bug report in, if I were you.

All right. I’ve reported it as a potential bug now.