'Levelling up' Collated Research

Just occured to me, as I had huge stacks of Foxfire candle stubs - so I started combining items in the ‘Academic’ list.[li]

Most other sub-lists go at least as far as the 12.50 Echo option, in terms of being able to just create the items with actions, (with several having extra slots, and the ‘Rubbery’ as having only a couple where you have more than one item).

Anyway - getting to Collated Research still goes no further. Now the Academic items are a rather eclectic bundle, (Travel memories and research along side candles and poison…? ).

As such a couple of suggestions for it would be:

  1. Personal Recommendation. These are very slow/rare to obtain. The main method being going to a party, (and maybe a profession - mine doesn’t). I can understand this might be by design, to keep the party option attractive for reasons outside RP.

So my other suggestion was:

2) Whirring Contraption. Aside from a few random occurrences, these are only gained by constantly grinding dramatic tension, and then going to Wilmots End.
They would also make sense within the jumbled setting of Academic items, (the only issue I foresee is that for some reason they’re valued at 6 Echos, rather than the standard 12.50 for ‘Rank 5’ items).

Anyway - just a little feedback and suggestion.[/li][li]
edited by Kravan on 10/12/2013

I find that the simplest way to acquire complex items is to buy them from the Bazaar Side Streets or simply amass base components and turn them into the things you need. I never bother with Wilmot’s End and such anymore, although I do recommend the Velocepede Squad or the Secrets of the Box battles in Spite for valuable stuff you might need. I may be wrong about that though.

edited by Owen Wulf on 10/13/2013

Personally I stockpile candles for getting out of Prison and the Tomb Colonies faster.