Level for 'premium' content.


I have just become an exceptional friend as in a week of gaming I have loved it and wanted to give back to the developers.

Now, that said, I know this gives access to some premium content stories.

My question is… are these stories ‘end game’ content? Will I be able to complete them with my starting character? (most stats around 30-40 except for Dangerous which is at 60 as my primary).

Generally, they aim to make these stories accessible to all players! Often, their challenge is based on in-story choices, rather than your general stats.

The exceptional stories are designed to be playable by characters of any level. Having higher stats or a bunch of items is occasionally helpful but not strictly necessary.

Some of the other fate based content does have recommended stats but those are usually pretty low and clearly labeled. Any of the ones that would actually require high stats and an experience character aren’t available until you’ve already reached that point in the game.