Let's talk marriage

I hear you can marry to both PCs and NPCs. As a non-fate player, it’s obvious that marrying another player would be far more advantageous than to either of the two NPCs available so what I would like to ask is what does my character, a shady self-serving and not very generous lady, have to gain from taking a (hopefully just as devious) spouse.

If your wedding is a big enough social event (i.e., if you spend a great deal of resources on it) you gain a one-time bonus of one or, if you go really big, two Notability. Your wedding ring equips into a unique slot and gives you +1 to each: Watchful, Shadowy, Dangerous, and Persuasive. Being married also opens up two social actions (that you can only do with your spouse) on the Attend to Matters of the Heart! storylet and a solo action on one of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose festival actions.

That seems like too much trouble unless you’re close to another player… Thank you tho, it was very useful.