Let your Persona Voice some Love to the Developers

Charles is a vocal sort. In being vocal, he can be a haughty, self-indulgent and arrogant knob…er… snob. This is simply a fact and not an apology on his behalf, but he acknowledges he may be hard to like at times.

Marinus is a much more gentle, patient and considerate sort and rather mulls over his opinions before voicing them. He is only antisocial in the way of tending to avoid contact with other entities altogether because it’s just too complicated. He did whisper the idea of this thread in Charles’ ear though.

They rarely agree on something, but they DO agree on one thing:
Life in the Neath is a delicious treat. So come 'ere you, and I’ll give ye a tight hug, slobbering kiss and a loving wedgie. Or just take the cold, hard Nex I keep throwing your way, that’s okay too, albeit less personal.

Charles and Marinus.
edited by dharthoorn on 9/9/2014

Were my persona to show love to the developers she’d have to seduce the lot of them. Fortunately, she’s also quite lazy, so a flirt vaguely in their direction will have to do.


my persona’s idea of “love” may involve rending of flesh which may not be conventionally pleasant to the developers. my alts don’t seem to care much for love though they are hedonistic.