Lend me a point of notability?

Time the Healer is coming, and by accident, i consumed all my notability for a favourable circumstance…

Could someone lend me a point urgently? Will return it as soon as i can!

Why is it urgent? Why do you need it before time the healer?

Rectify change in profession…

If i get the card, ill send it. How long
do we have?

6 hours. hopefully i can grind enough mw as well. Thank you so much!

If I get the card, I’ll send you a point - in the meantime, if you need MW, feel free to invite either of my characters for coffee until it comes out of their ears.
edited by Lady Eris on 7/17/2015

I find spamming lateral conversions a good way to bring up those final few levels. I think it’s ~3cp per action


MANY THANKS! Have a pleasant day, my friend!