Ledbeater and Stainrod Collection Quest

Hey, everyone. I’ve been looking around for information about this issue, and I figure that someone might have the information.

I’ve been making a bit of progress on the Ledbeater and Stainrod Nature Preserve quest that asks for specimens. The Hybras Pus and Chorister Bee Wings are pretty easy to get, but I don’t know how to get the ants or the ice from Old Tom’s well. There’s a description involving the ants that mentions homesteads, and Old Tom is mentioned in Lustrum, but I have yet to get either yet.

Does anyone know if these items are in game yet? And if so, has anyone gotten one or more yet? Trekking to L&S’s with pus and bee wings is a poor way to make money so far, and if these items exist that would up my incentive to travel there.

I haven’t seen ants, I think Homesteads are coming but are not in the game yet, or ice from Old Tom’s well, which is a shame but I hope that something more will happen in Lustrum.

As you progress the quest he asks for other things which made it a bit more interesting

Ah, thank you. I would like to see what else the quest has to offer, that sounds much more worth the fuel to get to L&S.