Language Groups

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had already suggested this, but I will anyway. I observe that many denizens of our lovely city have native languages other than English. While they all seem to be quite better at English than I am at any other language, I wonder if it would be a useful idea for players of various language groups to band together so they could communicate in their own tongue once in awhile. If this seems like a good idea, one might subscribe his name and language group in the thread below.

– Mal

I’m comfortable with speaking in English, despite the occasional typo/grammar mistake. I don’t resent using English as a lingua franca in the forums, really.

On the other hand, I know friends who can read English quite well, but can’t write it even to save their lives. If someone is reading these forums in English, but want to make me questions in Portuguese, go ahead and pm me. Feel free to send me interactions in Portuguese through the game, too, if you want.

A good idea! My native language is Italian, so if anyone needs a hand with translations or simply is a fellow compatriot, I’m here!