Lacre Bucket

Is there a way for me to offer to clean someone snow bound path?

Nope, not unless you go back in time to Christmas 2012. And besides, even if there was, it stopped snowing weeks ago, so its unlikely that many people have snow-clogged pathways any more.


Can anyone tell me if my lacre-buckets are likely to melt during the summer months, or if storing them in a cool dark place would be enough to keep them cold until my investigations into other areas give me the wherewithal to investigate them properly?

They carried over from last year, at least.

Cool - thanks

(I hope I’m allowed to say this) There’s an access code on the Twitter/Facebooks that gives a lacre bucket.

All used up now, I’m afraid. But I managed to grab one for my main account, who had used up all his Taste of Lacre before he realized he couldn’t easily get any of it back. Very highly pleased!

Hey, when does access to Penstock’s Wicket end? I got the needed Lacre on one character but not enough Notability. Doesn’t really bother me if I don’t make the cut because I can wait until next time. Still, I was wondering if anyone here knew?

It closes at the end of January.

Right, here’s hoping I still have time.