Lack of Botanical Opportunities

Without giving away any specifics (as I understand higher levels of the ‘green lodger’ storylets are Fate locked and off limits for detailed discussion), I have not seen any opportunity cards regarding my plant in quite some time; I’d dare say on the order of two or three months at least. I have not completed the highest levels of botanical battle available, so I cannot think I’ve hit a content boundary or any such. I am simply wondering if any other delicious friends have noticed a similar lack in their own card drawing - I realize opportunity cards are random, and some variance even to the extremes is possible, but I spend most of my actions on opportunity cards these days, and used to receive at least a plant card every day or two on average. To have gone this long without a one (or a challenge from a fellow botanical battler) just seems… exceedingly unlikely if nothing has changed. Perhaps I missed some announcement about this content?

The highest level of the plant stories are NOT Fate-locked.

Opportunity cards only appear until your plant is level 19.

Once you’re there, you can use the plant to fight in the tournament of lilies; that’s in your lodgings and is a storylet, though I don’t remember whether starting it up requires an opportunity card or not.

I see; it’s been so long since I started the thing I must have misremembered about the Fate-locking (and I figure better to err on the side of caution in these matters, anyway). I suspect my plant must just have reached its growth potential, then… suppose I’ll need to try to get it knocked down a few pegs again. Thanks for the information! :)