Labyrinth of Tigers fate locked content

Is it worth it? I’ve never bought fate before but I really liked the non fate locked content in the storyline. Also I heard that Flute Street gives some opportunities in the Labyrinth, should I buy Flute Street first?

I definitely think it’s worth it–there are several new companions (and one transport) that you can breed, and they each bring their own opportunity card. They’re all unique and interesting. So it doesn’t add a lot of story, but it has great flavor and great rewards. Flute Street is packed with Rubbery-related lore, and the companion it adds to the Labyrinth is the best in the game for BDR. They’re both among the highest-recommended expansions.

The Labyrinth transport also opens up a story. It’s not big, but it is, in my opinion, pretty good both story and lorewise.

I bought it! Thanks for the feedback! I’ll get Flute Street some other time