Labyrinth of Tigers conundrum

I used to have Making Progress in the Labyrinth of Tigers, but ever since the thing reset, all I’m getting is the Bazaar’s Emporium of Educational Curiosities. My Dangerous is at 98. Do I need the letter from Mr. Inch again, even though I already have a season pass to the Labyrinth? How do I get back to the coils? Any advice greatly appreciated!

I’m facing the same issue; I used to be in the first coil. Perhaps we need to finish hunting/capturing beasts for the labyrinth? (The stuff with the fungal tower, marsh wolves, etc.) I’m still doing that now. (My dangerous is 142 with gear.)

That was my thought, too, and I’m doing the same. With gear I’m at 125, I wasn’t sure if with/without would make a difference - looks like it doesn’t. The weird thing is, I hadn’t finished capturing beasts before the reset, had you?

I hadn’t finished capturing beasts either… Oh well. Perhaps they changed it such that you need to finish capturing beasts before you can navigate the labyrinth. I am just speculating, though.

Still, the beast capture stuff does look quite interesting. My Dangerous is 104 without.

Yep, once your Procurer of Savage Beasts quality hits 5 you should get that letter from Mr Inch.

Ah! Okay, super. Thanks all! :D

Note that the reset does include potential issues with navigating coils. When I reset I was in the fourth coil and was subsequently unable to do anything even after receiving the letter since I wasn’t supposed to be there yet. If this happens to anyone else make sure to contact support so they can fix your location.