Knife and candle

I just had something weird happen that was either a) a bug or b) (more likely), me not understanding the rules of the game. Anyway, I just lost to someone who made a savage attack against me, even though their savage was 100 and mine was 120. Is that how it’s meant to work?[li]

Having a higher stat doesn’t mean you have guaranteed victory; K&C attacks are a Broad challenge using the… defender’s stat as the base challenge, if i recall correctly. There’s also a base modifier applied so that loss is always possible, I think.

Aha, that makes sense! I guess it stands to reason…

Similar stat matchups like 100/120 go either way fairly frequently, in fact. Much more effective to use a gambit to get one up to 300. Though even then I’ve lost more matches than I care to think about.

I’ve also heard some scuttlebutt about the attacking player having a slight % chance of victory advantage, though I can’t confirm this except anecdotally.