Knife and Candle?

I’m wondering what’s up with this part of the game. I remember when I joined the game, the tutorial section had a part where I got a Knife something item (think it was a token?) for free. And then I went in a storylet, and my options were to either 1. get rid of it, 2. give it to somebody else, and 3. some other choice that was locked to me at the time. Since I was new to the whole thing, I kind of just rushed through it, took the only non-social choice available to me, and went on to the rest of the game. [li]

Just now while exploring around the wiki, I found that the token was supposed to do something, and I’m quite confused at the token that I had to chuck away last month. Was I supposed to exit the storylet and hold on to it, or was the throwing away compulsory?

Hello. I’ve sent you a token. Accept and keep. More tokens come periodically. Will post explanation when not on phone if someone else doesn’t get there first.
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Your first Iron Knife Token allows you to enter the Underground Leagues of Knife and Candle, provided your Dangerous is high enough (50 I believe). Simply request a spare token on the forum and it will be sent to you. That said, you will first enter the Iron Leagues. In this League, people can attack you at any interval when your name comes up - the attack will either work or fail. If the latter then you win an Iron Knife Token and a Prize Token if they had one.

Lose all your Iron Knife Tokens and you are kicked out of the Leagues (though you keep any remaining Prize Tokens you had). You will receive a regular delivery of 3 Iron Knife Tokens every week, so just wait until you are comfortable before attacking. You are immune to attack if you choose to go without a form, which is an option when you are choosing to change your form. This only appears when a fight is over or when another opportunity arises. There are many cards (such as the ones for fourth tier lodgings) that allow you to change your form when you wish to.

The Moon League is above the Iron League, and far more docile. Send a challenge to a player, and if they accept then you will rotate between turns preparing for your attack and defense. The game is over when an attack is launched.

Prize Tokens are used to buy items in the Gamekeepers Cottage (the headquarters of the game), and the Proud Parade of Victories that are accumulated after successive victories are used to acquire patronage and elevate your ranking to purchase mildly effective head-wear in the form of medals. Note that all your Parade of Victories points are lost when you lose a fight or spend it on anything.

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Thank you for the token! Ahh I see it now, the “join” option was locked to me before because it’s unlocked with Dangerous 50. What a strange item to give to a new player!

That was not the case during the early days of the League, but it has now been updated.

If was given by another player, there’s no way to tell whether you’re new or not…

I’m pretty sure it was from the tutorial - I didn’t even know about the message tab back then. Maybe I happened to join the game when they were changing things around? Either way, there’s no harm done, really.

I think at one stage you’d get the most recent in-game newspost when you made a new character, although I don’t think that happens any more, presumably to prevent this kind of confusion.

[quote=Owen Wulf]
Lose all your Iron Knife Tokens and you are kicked out of the Leagues (though you keep any remaining Prize Tokens you had).[/quote]

Fairly certain you lose your prize tokens if you’re kicked out. I know I did when I got kicked out from handing in all my tokens for a candle (And it was the subsequent storylet from having 0 tokens, NOT the initial storylet of pouring my iron knife tokens down a well). Presumably this would also apply to you dying and losing all your tokens, so be careful.

are you or are you not safe from attack when at Gamekeeper’s Cottage? the rules say you are but I most definitely got attacked while I was there.[li]

That’s a holdover from when there used to be an option that let you hide in the cottage, I think. Only way you’re gonna be safe from attack is if you drop your Form or go somewhere that’s technically not the main London (anywhere with its own unique card deck should suffice)

they should remove that piece of text then.


Quick question while we’re on the subject. I sent an Iron Knife token to a friend of mine a week ago so he could play in the Leagues with me, but he hasn’t once gotten a Sense of Urgency, so he hasn’t been able to adopt a form. Is his account just glitching or should I try sending him another token?

The Sense of Urgency comes every week for me, so maybe he’ll get it soon enough?

According to the Iron Token tooltip, you can also gain them from fighting NPC’s. Are there any NPC’s to fight in the Iron Leagues? I’m okay with fighting players but I prefer to fight NPC’s if possible.

Just a couple, and they can’t get you over… 9 Iron Tokens, I think. There should be a storylet called &quotKnife-and-Candle: Minor players&quot allowing you to challenge them. They’re useful to get a little reserve of Iron Tokens quickly, though Iron Tokens are also sent to any player weekly. Anyway, that’s nothing more than an appetizer - main Knife and Candle action is PvP. But it is usually much more polite than usual online PvP, so fear not ^^