Knife and Candle?

OK, maybe it’s a stretch, but I was playing one of the new options in the Learning from Connections cards (the Church one), and it gave this message:

[i]Tombola and treachery

A tranquil afternoon of tea, jumble, fungal crackers and Guess the Weight of the Spider. The peace is broken only by a Knife-and-Candle ambush in the basket-weavng tent. Even then the verger stands ready with a mop, and all unpleasantness is quickly forgotten. You scrape acquaintance with a number of priests and prominent parishioners.[/i]

Is that just flavour text, or does the mention of Knife and Candle prelude to a revamp of that too? The last news (from a while ago) were that the system was being revisited, but then there was no further development.

I wouldn’t hold your breath on this. At the time of the Silver Tree kickstarter it was mentioned that such a thing might be attempted if they had the Kickstarter cash to try and attack it.
The work it would take would be another game in and of itself, so I understand it is a Herculean task. Frankly, I’d like a lot more content for different points in the game before we get K&C back.

I’d probably prefer new content too, but I never had the chance to try the first version of K&C, so a little curiosity remains.