Keys and opportunities?

Currently I’m occupying a nice room above a bookshop. I can now afford other modest lodgings such as a Cottage by the Observatory or a Decommissioned Steamer, but I have no inklings to move from my quiet abode. What I’d like to know is if my possession of some other keys to would open different storylets for me? Or do they become active only if a tenant has claimed the lodgings?

Ever grateful for your advice, calling cards accepted.)

Yes, all you need are the keys. You don’t actually need to move house.

The lodgings cards will arrive simply by virtue of you owning the relevant key - you don’t actually have to move there.

Lodging cards are very useful, there are lots of things available when you get a key. All give scraps for the Relickers (from 1 to 4 depending on the lodging), then there are other options which give various things and when you get to POSI some of the higher end lodgings give Making Waves by one method or another.

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