K & C : Iron Knife Tokens stuck at 1 ?


I wanted to try the game of Knife & Candle, so I &quotregistered&quot last week, and from what I understood I was supposed to receive additional iron knife tokens every week and up to 7.
It’s been a week now, and I still have only 1 Iron Knife token. So… Why didn’t it increase ? Am I supposed to get there somewhere ? I don’t really want to engage in the game and risk losing my only token…

How do you get the free weekly tokens ?


It works in a similar way to Time the healer. You will receive the tokens and sense of urgency automatically every 168 hours (seven days)

Oh, okay, first I thought it would come at the same time as Time the healer, and then I read somewhere that you got some every three days…

I should probably get these tokens by the end of the day then. Thank you !

Edit : I indeed received the tokens 10 minutes after posting this reply. D__n my impatience.
edited by Lemexis on 9/3/2015