Just got my Overgoat.

Just got my Overgoat. Feels great to be done with that. Working on a Clay Sedan to increase my Bizarre. What should I work on next?

Welcome to the esteemed Goated club, there’s a list of all us chaps around here somewhere.

Have you acquired the three homes yet? If you have to ask which, well.

That should keep you busy for some time. Off you go, then.

And congratulations, of course.

It’s here: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic249-overgoated.aspx

I really should get on that one of these days.

I’ve got enough cash for an Overgoat, but I’ve never talked myself into buying one. For one, I’m rather attached to my Haunted-looking Dog, Spinoza, and would hate to make him redundant (and have recently acquired Moineau, a Bitter Saker Falcon, to fill in for Spinoza on those nights when he’s not brave enough to come out from under the sideboard.) For another, the less I spend, the sooner I have an even larger sum of dosh to lay down for Cider or something equally fantastical.

That’s exactly why I’m going for the Overgoat instead… I didn’t realize only one “speciual pet” was allowed to appear, or I owuld’ve gone for the Dog instead of the Salt Weasel. But now I don’t want to dump poor Gilligan, so I’m going for the Overgoat instead. Pity that I just wasted more than 800 Echoes on equipment… T.T