June Exceptional Story: Codename: Sugarplum

Got it! Once I figured out the seeds, the pieces fell neatly into place!

Delicious story!


So… I’m torn on this one. I found the mechanics slightly problematic from a ‘click here to make sure you decoded enough clicks’ standpoint, but get where it was coming from.

I’d suggest that the ‘what have you decoded?’ menu replace the whole ‘use the seed of XX on XX’ menu, and just show “Use the seed of XX on XX” and lock it out after to show you had completed it. Why two menus to address the same actions?

This also appears to be the source of general confusion on how to complete the story.

From a story standpoint, I loved the overall themes and content, including keeping this fluffins of a dog. My general problem with the Discordance is that it seems to remove narrative stakes.

Need to rescue a dog? No problem! We made ten of them!
Is someone dead? No they’re not! They’ve always been dead, also never were!

So, great flavor, loved the terrifying sugar factory. Enjoy the dog.

Always nice when there’s good opportunities to roleplay… :grin:

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I really, really enjoyed this. Plenty of time to poke around and follow leads, no surprise forced choices, covered some of my favorite neathy lore bits and affiliations, and even got to use my ridiculously advance SotC, and (even more rare) a bit of SMEN.

Too bad I failed my SotD check, though, as I’d like to have seen what that storylet said. But I always seem to fail those. really need to finish grinding that attribute.

I’d rank this easily within my top three Exception Stories.

Oh! His little collar! Such a tell, and I missed it when I first looked. :sweat_smile:

But of course it doesn’t tell us anything, even if there were anything to tell. Which there isn’t. :innocent:

Just wanted to say that I think this is one of the best exceptional stories ive ever played.

This is now my favorite Exceptional Story. The event in the factory corresponded(!) with my current active law. Does anyone know if there was alternate text for different active laws?

Got around to it this week, and loved it! The investigation reminds of my that semi-hokey '60s spy fiction (said with affection), and that final set-piece was an absolute delight or, dare I say, a blast. (sorry)

I don’t recall anything for Another Mouth, although the other two definitely feel more relevant to the situation.