July's Exceptional Story: All Things Must End

I really loved this Exceptional Story, and also how it permanently unlocked an area. On that note, I think there is a bit of an oversight: the post captain is supposedly getting reassigned by the end of the Exceptional Story, but when you return on your own ship he is still there, again for the last time. That storylet should be locked and hidden with completion of the Exceptional Story, since it is completely impossible to get back there without having a way out anyway.

Has anybody chosen the sanatorium ending for the Ultimate Question? I’d just like to read the Undertaker’s reaction…

One of my favorite ES stories. Probably on the top three, as someone here put it.

Really liked the atmosphere. The change of scenery.
A new location!
The new, expanded lore on “true death”, connecting with that mysterious other side we saw at the end of Family Ties.
Finally the pieces went into place regarding the final options for Tomb-Colonists (Moths vs. Grand Sanitarium). Guess the lore was always there, but I could not build the correct picture.

Excellent, excellent story.
Thank you!

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Does she always agree with your decision?

She always answers too quickly, agreeing with you. Personally I think he Tomb Colonists have found something else, perhaps a way to the far shore without dying.

Thank you for the profile link, ihluh! :)

suinicide: Interesting idea. Personally, I interpreted it like she just can’t make up her mind, but is not admitting that to herself. Therefore she’ll quickly agree with whatever you suggest, and then convince herself it’s what she wanted all along…

(I can kind of relate to that sort of behavior…)
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What a lovely story! Passing the time in the Republic, learning of the ways of the dead and what they do to pass time was great! I did my best to help the Undertaker and the people perform their task and I decided for the Emergence ending, after I tried the Immortality one. And I was happy with the result, she deserves to defy those that so rudely relieved her from her position!

Haven’t seen the epilogue yet, but I already know the new location made it worth it.

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Just went to the Tomb Colonies to keep my Hedonist up. Love the new card!!!

I just started this, and it’s already one of my favourites. The writing is beautiful, and the lore fantastic. This also has one of those “you have to be at x to do y to get z” structures but the writing is so vivid, like a reward in itself, i don’t care. I’m going to try to stretch this one out!

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