July Exceptional Story: Paisley

But how? I can take off the glove after I get into the station, but that doesn’t give me an option to grab the box (or cause the glove to do something usefully distracting).[/quote]
You need more paisley for it to work. Like, two more pieces[/quote]

Makes sense but I haven’t seen any other opportunities to find paisley! Thanks for the hint, though, and if you have other hints please PM me–I don’t want to generate lots of spoilers just because I’m clueless this week. ;-)
EDIT: Thanks, all! I finally figured it out. I got misled because I went to the theatre too early in the process. I don’t need any further help at this point.
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edited by Catherine Raymond on 6/27/2020

No spoilers (mainly because I can’t remember the exact details, even though it was only yesterday) but I believe if you play with wearing or not wearing various amounts/combinations of paisley at various locations, you can acquire more paisley pieces.

Absolutely beautiful!! I love the characters, I love the themes and ideas, I love the style and the mechanical integration. It was also perfect for my character in nearly every way, which is always wonderful. It was so much fun to play! I love you all so much! <3 <3 <3
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I’ve tried wearing paisley and not wearing paisley at every location, and I’m not seeing any other opportunities to add more paisley clothing. If anyone could give a spoilered hint or two, I’d really appreciate it–it’s frustrating just burning actions and not seeing how to progress the story!

You get the handkerchief by sitting in the murder victims seat in the theater; I don’t remember whether you need to be wearing or not wearing the glove.

I am pretty sure you need to wear the glove. Wearing more paisley gives more information, so make sure to return to the theater seat regularly.

[quote=Mona]I have acquired three pieces, been to every location twice and I think I tried every option at every level of patterned in paisley but nothing progresses the story. Completely lost here.
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try checking with the police…

To all delicious friends with only three pieces of clothing and no idea how to continue:

Unequip all three pieces and try to open the evidence locker in Concord Square.

I only figured this out by looking at someone’s else profile at that part and guessing from the text what I had to do, so I think this solution should be hinted at in text somehow.

That was absolutely delightful. Quickly one of my favorites. Although that almost goes without saying since it was written by Chandler Groover, this time he really made the mechanics sing. The Paisley was quite a character without speaking a single word. The Dandy was infuriating, but I kinda warmed to him by the end, he’s certainly more than meets the eye.

In the end, I let the Paisley live in London. Ordinarily I am against the liberation of night, but the Paisley deserves the freedom to choose things I disagree with. I would say the same about the assassin, but screw the foreign office. An unexpectedly hard choice that caps off a great story.

I liked this one very much, both narratively and mechanically! (The hints in the permanent storylet were very appreciated.)

But how? I can take off the glove after I get into the station, but that doesn’t give me an option to grab the box (or cause the glove to do something usefully distracting).[/quote]
You need more paisley for it to work. Like, two more pieces[/quote]

Thank you; that turned out to be a crucial hint for me.

I quite enjoyed it.

[spoiler]Sentient gloves and people walking around and talking with bullet-holes through the forehead: we’re definitely at the Looney Tunes end of the Neathverse, then.

I liked the &quotbarren and delusive&quot quote from the real review of The Importance of Being Earnest. I liked this line as well: &quotAs though the playwright had taken emptiness itself, as an oyster takes a grain of sand, and grown a dazzling pearl around that void.&quot

The twist did work, in that I was gulled into hating the Dandy for being a snobbish, sub-Wildean ponce and then he turned out to be a goodie.

I realise that our hard-working Constables aren’t in this season, but I was sad when I wasn’t able to work with them anymore. No shame.

I was surprised when my choice at the end boosted Liberation of Night. It’s a good thing that the game’s portrayal of Revolutionaries has grown more nuanced, so that those of us endeavouring to imagine a world beyond capitalism are no longer portrayed as unanimously wanting to murder the sun. But I suppose I haven’t caught up in my head, as I still think of the Liberation of Night as being about, well, wanting to murder the sun. Not releasing clothes-colonies into London. I’m not saying it doesn’t work thematically, but I am saying I didn’t see it coming.[/spoiler]

I liked the quote from the Epigrammatic Irishman at the end.
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Just for the record, since no one’s brought it up yet: the actress Miss V_______ is almost certainly Irene Vanbrugh and the play The EXPURGATED of EXPURGATED EXPURGATED is Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest (A Trivial Comedy for Serious People), a role for which Ms. Vanbrugh gained much credit in the 1890s.

This might also identify the Antimacassar Theatre in Fallen London as St James’s Theatre in surface London, where she was engaged at the time.
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That’s one of the best artworks I’ve ever seen.

Or maybe I’m just biased because I love top hats.

I can’t seem to find the third paisley item. Does anybody know were it is?
Edit:Nevermind I found it.
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This was an excellent, well written story. I completely enjoyed it. You should let people join the Twittlethumb club.

Seconding letting us join the Twittlethumb Club!

I only just got into this game again and decided to blast through the Exceptional Stories I had built up. I literally started in the window that I got June and July’s stories together, and I far preferred this one.

I always have a bit of a revolutionary bent and I tend to enjoy letting chaotic things happen so I unhesitatingly allowed the suit to capture itself another host. Besides I had grown very fond of the paisley, and I wasn’t about to let some jerk kill it. Now there’s a paisley suit enjoying trips through London and it was one of the most polite guests that’s ever stepped into my flat.

Seriously though, I never expected a story to build up my sympathy for a suit. The Deceased Dandy also tended to crack me up a lot.

I never did master twiddling my thumbs :(

I can’t find the second piece and I think I’ve exhausted all possible options, can I get a hint from someone?