Journalist to Author- was this unwise?

Yesterday I became a Journalist and was quite happy with myself at leaving a beginner’s profession finally. Today, however, I was presented with a chance to jump immediately into full Authorship.

I took that opening for promotion and felt quite clever, but now I can’t help but wonder- did I miss out on anything important by moving on so quickly?

According to the wikia, the only checks made for journalist are for the weekly payment and becoming an author. So it certainly doesn’t seem as if you missed out on anything. Apparently Persons of Some Importance can publish their own newspapers, but I assume that’s completely separated from the journalist profession.

Unless more content is released about journalists an author is superior in every way.

Thank you for the reassurances, gentlepersons.

There are niche cases in which you might get a better total stat boost with the Journalist’s notebook + your other gear, than with the Author’s companion + your other gear, depending on what your other gear is. But you haven’t missed any in-game storylines.

[quote=Gillsing]Apparently Persons of Some Importance can publish their own newspapers, but I assume that’s completely separated from the journalist profession.[/quote]Confirmed. I’ve published a newspaper despite being a Rat-Catcher instead of a Journalist. Presumably it’s on murine migrations or something.

edited by Raymond R Price on 12/29/2013

Comparing what one has that the other doesn’t:

Sworn Statements and Dubious Testimony don’t seem to have any uses and Nevercold Brass isn’t that hard to come by.

In exchange I will get Stolen Kisses, Cellars of Wine, triple the Bohemian gain, and Whispoered Secrets and Cryptic Clues wholesale.

The payments seem a clear improvement in this case. And the equipment was a net gain for me as I’d not had a Persuasive Pet yet and the Watchful bonus outperforms my poor Haunted-Looking Dog by three.

I was more worried about storyline options I might have missed, which apparently aren’t out there. Thank you once again for the answers, everyone.

There’s actually one minor option that you’ll lose access to if you upgrade again, to Correspondent. A player with a Salon has an option to invite another player who’s an Author to speak- there’s not a lot of text for that, but it is technically a loss.

I shouldn’t have to worry about that until I’m POSI, correct?

Besides, I may very well jump ship prior to upgrading to the next tier anyways.

Mordaine: correct. Correspondent requires Notability and Notability requires PoSI. In the meantime, Aspeon’s post alerts me to the Salon/Author interaction, and my character is an Author, so your question has also brought me to new and useful knowledge!

I’ve been an author for awhile and I did occasionally get invited to Salons, but I just made the jump to Correspondent. Let’s see where this career change takes me!

Nowhere good, I’d wager. :D Welcome to the club. ;)[li]