Jack of Smiles case

I’ve reached a point in my Jack of Smiles investigation where I’m presented with an interesting choice. I don’t know how to do spoiler tags on the mobile site so I’ll try to be as oblique as possible:

I’ve discovered something belonging to Jack and now I have two options, one of which is fate locked and includes the word ‘WARNING’ in the description. It doesn’t look like an option my character would usually take but the ‘WARNING’ makes me desperately want to do it.

Without giving me any spoilers on the story, would people who’ve done that fate-locked section consider it worthwhile?

I found it pretty interesting. It’s card based, and you’ll want to get all 6 unique cards to see all the content associated with that Fate choice, but if you don’t mind having to draw cards then it is a fun bit of content to let you learn more about Jack’s psyche.

I didn’t play that content on my main, but I did on my alt. Personal opinion: not worth it. There is loads of interesting non-Fate Jack content before and after the Fate stuff.

Oh, incidentally there also comes a point at the end of the story where there are three choices, one of which is a Fate one. I chose the Fate option there (for RP reasons, actually) and am glad I did.