Jack of Smiles case bug

When I used the 10 fate option in Polythreme to allow me to both destroy the workshop and continue the story, I was transported back to London and could find not way of continuing it after talking to the Master and getting a statue. Is this normal or have I made a fatal error somewhere?

I’ve yet to do the Polythreme section of that storyline, but hopefully someone else might have an answer for you. In the meantime, I believe support@failbettergames.com may also be able to assist. :-)

Go to your lodging and see if you can reset the storyline. If it exist, you’ve completed it. But yes, this seems normal and getting a statue should be the end of it.

I know that getting the Statue is the end for the &quotDestroy the Tools&quot route. I assume that talking to the Master is the end of the other route, so it sounds like you are at the end. The non-spices part of the echo in your journal matches the &quotdestroy Jack&quot path end echo, and the Spices part seems to match up with what I read in someone else’s Journal.

My end echo, for comparison: http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/th8827?fromEchoId=8016294
edited by th8827 on 4/2/2016