I've brought something for you to try, dear

I have gotten this fate locked card at least twenty times now and I’ve never had a success.

I know what a success is supposed to do according to the Wiki so I usually play it with my last action.

But nothing this far apart from loads of Wounds from all the failures.

Has anyone ever had a success and if so, what does it do? (If you are allowed to post that.)

This is the Aunt card correct? I don’t remember the Aunt storyline being Fate-locked overall. I know I had to pay to get her back from the devils, but is it locked otherwise? I’ve gotten the rare success on it and it refills your candle.

Everything after your Aunt either returning to the Surface or being taken by the Devils is Fate-locked.

I have had a success and it performed as expected.

Over three months now… 40+ times and not a single success yet.

Whenever I get this card I make sure to use all my actions till I have only one left (as this is the most effective way to use the card); I don’t see how this could influence the success but at this point I’m questioning everything.

I’m getting the card every few days and it says the result could go either way… If it really is a 50% chance then by now I’m in world record territory.

I’ve had it work once or twice before, but not recently. I generally don’t try it anymore.

I had my aunt join Huffam, since I figured I wouldn’t have a chance on it =P

I’ve wondered why it isn’t possible to recruit my dearest Auntie to my newspaper. Why should my competitor gain the benefit of her well circulated gossip page? Sure, she’d steal all the gin and honey out of my desk drawers, but that’s the price of doing business, 'init?

I finally had a single success with the Aunt.

Took over 60 tries and it only gives 10 actions; which I should have expected…

I’m gonna keep trying though and see if the odds improve at least a little.

It would make no sense for the success rate of the card to be so low as to make it a better deal not to play it.

A second success in two days… The new year has brought fortune, it seems.

A third success yesterday!