I've Become Jack-of-Smiles, what now? No spoilers.

Actually, someone has asked my question already in the other thread, but it was never answered.

I’ve paid the Nex cost and am now waiting for Opportunity cards. So far, I’ve turned up 5 cards relating to 3 incidents (i.e. 2 newspaper articles and 3 memories). How many incidents are there? Will I still get these cards after I’ve raised The Jack-of-Smiles Case progress to 9? I want to play everything available, of course, so I’d like to know if I should start discarding cards I’ve seen already.

There are remarkably few cards for the number of change points you have to build to progress the storyline. Take the repeats.

That’s the same number of incidents I turned up, though each one has both a newspaper article and a memory.