It's Snowing in Fallen London

[color=#cc0099]It always gets quiet when it snows, no matter what the flavour. At least, we hope it does, because if we hear one more d____ed urchin caroling…

Starting at noon GMT today, Time, the Healer will bring ‘snow’ to doorsteps across London. You’ll need to dig your door out, or find someone to lend a hand or tentacle to the task.

Fate can also be used to employ a certain cowled assistant – and earn unique seasonal Home Comfort items!

Acquiring pails of this ‘snow’ and learning what you can about it will unlock a selection of seasonal benefits at the end of the season, when Penstock’s Wicket opens on the 6th of January.

Note: The Snowbound effect will remain constant this year until sometime shortly after 6th January 2017.

The urchins have purloined the terrible sack of Mr Sacks once again! You may draw a gift from it (or send one to a friend) – for a price, of course.

Buy a lucky dip in Mr Sacks’ sack for yourself, or send a lucky dip draw to another player! Begin with Explore the Festive Season, available throughout London.

Closer to Christmas day, a new festive premium story will be available for purchase featuring everyone’s favourite Mayor of London and the Empress’ Shadow! We will also be making The Gift, last year’s story, available again shortly after!

There are still more goodies to be found in the Fallen London Advent Calendar, too! Each window is around for just a few days, so be certain to check back regularly to receive all of the various treats.

Since it tis the season, we also encourage you to reach out to new players with a lovely Christmas card and a friendly greeting. Find new friends on Twitter (using #flcards), Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr or here on the forums!

Look for Explore the Festive Season throughout London to take part in the seasonal fun![/color]

This is already a lot more pleasant than heavy snowfall in real life, although I can’t help thinking about the implications of the Brass Embassy being snowed in. I say, what’s the use of goat-demons if they won’t drag a b____y plow?
edited by aegisaglow on 12/12/2016

So, accepting help from unexpected volunteer will prevent me from getting my Pail of Snow today. Will it seriously affect my chances to get Spire-Emporium and/or Suite?

Closer to Christmas day, a new festive premium story will be available for purchase featuring everyone’s favourite Mayor of London and the Empress’ Shadow! We will also be making The Gift, last year’s story, available again shortly after![/color][/quote]
Just want to be sure, but both stories (Gift and the new one) will be available later, correct?

[color=#cc0099]Correct! They will both become available later on this month. [/color]

I do wonder what this particular phrasing means…

I do wonder what this particular phrasing means…[/quote]

The dawn machine cometh. But lacre does not melt.

Ah, you’re right . . .

No snow for myself, either.

I’m curious about this, because I don’t think FBG would let you lose out on snow, just for choosing that fate-locked branch . . . have other players received any snow yet (aside from the calendar)? I’m wondering - well, hoping - it just isn’t available yet?[/quote]
This is how SNOWBOUND always worked - if you let the hooded figure help you shovel Snow, then it gets to keep the Pail and you get the Robe. If you shovel the snow yourself, you get to keep the pail.

Just to be clear, can you replay the Incardanine(?) Robe option every time you get snowbound as long as you shell out the 30 Fate, or is it a once-a-year- chance? Wondering whether to go for the BDR gear first or pick which Master my character would prefer to meet…

You can replay it every time.

question, did everyone got a snowbound at non GMT independent of their TtH? Because both my alt and my main got snowbond. my alt got her TtH around same time but my main hasnt gotten his TtH yet so I cannot be sure. either my alt lost a snowbound due to it being very close to noon today orr my main got an extra.

Has anyone else gotten a robe yet? There is a new item from Mr. Hearts and he is so silly.

Snowbound appeared independent of TtH. (Both my main and my alt got Snowbound at noon GMT, but my alt’s TtH was half an hour later so he got to shovel his driveway twice.)

I did not get the chance to buy the Robe. No Fate-locked choices in the card. What could be wrong?
edited by Jolanda Swan on 12/12/2016

so my alt missed out a pail of snow because I wasnt expecting something like this and didnt knew her exact TtH time:(
@jolanda what do you mean by card? snowbound is a storylet and the option to have a master clear your snow was there. though I didnt pick it.

Ahem. Fairly new player here. What’s so good about snow?

It’s a fairly complex thing, but it lets you build up a quality that can get you a five card lodging very cheap, amongst doing many other things.

Apologies, storylet. I am certain I did not see the option to have a Master clear the path - I was looking for it. Should I send a ticket, or did I miss out for some other reason?

[quote=Monique Deja]Ahem. Fairly new player here. What’s so good about snow?[/quote] It’s a curiosity, it can be used to get a Destiny if you don’t already have one, and it can be used to build up &quotPutting the Pieces Together: The Taste of Lacre,&quot which can be cashed in at the turn of the season for various goodies. If you’re new, you might not have a 4 card lodging to upgrade to 5 cards, but you can get a Remote Lodging, which helpfully weeds out the City Vice cards from your deck. Or you can make a Noman friend.

The option was called an unexpected volunteer. it costs 30 fate to play it. I don’t know how you could missed it since fate options have a yellow background.