It's Over-Simplification Time!

Probably On Fire


The Worst

(for my alt) &quotBirch&quot

Presumably not just an empty Clothes-Colony

(main) Plant Fetishist,
(Alt) Assassin
edited by Dean Lee on 7/2/2016


depressed spymaster

Me and my alt (in that order):

Vengeful scholar

Flighty (but talented) dilettante

Prudish packrat.

Mostly human.

Eminently disappointing.

Sad scholarly muffin.

Eccentric, wisecracking crook.

Man who slept with everything now violently seeks religion.

Trying their best.

An adult Alice

almost shameless

Neath’s largest jerk.

Soran: Sad nerd with bats.

Smiles hide the pain.

Cairn: Don’t trust them.

Thysania: NO.