Items use quality increase meters, skill gain cap

Pretty much entirely explained by the title, really. I’ve noticed item gain and loss is now accompanied by a red meter filling or emptying entirely.

Is this intentional?

Edit: Though it says skills remain unchanged, they actually do still gain CP normally. It just no longer states ‘Persuasive is increasing’, or things of that nature.

edited by Yeah on 6/30/2017
edited by Yeah on 6/30/2017

Yes, I’ve noticed this too! Is it a glitch, or one of the many reworks? Has anyone sent an email to support about this?

If this is intentional, please revert it. It’s really awful to have incremental bars for qualities that always change in multiples of 1.[li]

If I’m remembering right, this happened a little while ago too and was a bug then; probably still a bug now.
Edit: that being said has anyone emailed support about it?
edited by Pumpkinhead on 6/30/2017

This appears to have been resolved and everything is back to normal.