Item conversion table available - take a look!

Fellow residents of the Neath!

I have created a table that I hope may be of use to all players, especially new visitors to our exquisite city. This has been compiled from information found on the wiki and elsewhere, and arranged by me into what I hope is an easy-to-read format.

It should be self-explanatory to the incandescent intellects that frequent this forum: the shaded areas indicate &quotconversion routes&quot from item to item; lucky and rare successes for each conversion are also listed. Where an item can be both bought and sold at the Bazaar the relevant prices appear below in square brackets, thus: [buy price / sell price]; where it can only be sold, these brackets will be absent.

Each tier has a &quotstandard&quot tier price; again, separate pricing information is only provided where the sale price for the item is different to the &quotstandard&quot tier price (for example, Patent Scrutinisers sell for E 12.60 rather than the standard E 12.50 for their tier - this is therefore specified).

I am missing information on two rare conversion successes, which are therefore listed as TBC.

My fervent hope is that this proves useful to some of you. All comments / suggestions for improvement are welcome.


edited by A B Nile on 1/24/2014

Awesome, Mr.Nile![li]

Maybe it would also be useful to mark down the Connection used in the various conversion passages?
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Pretty darn good! You are missing the entire Ratness category though! For shame!

Hmm, did you intend not to show conversion routes not on the actual item? For example, cellars -> airag -> tears of the bazaar -> master’s blood on the portly sommelier card; you also missed uncanny incunables > searing enigma (which isn’t acard, just a storylet!).
edited by Zakamutt on 1/23/2014

Thank you for the responses!

  1. Legal and Ratness were omitted intentionally due to the small numbers of items, and the fact that neither category involves any conversions;

  2. I will give some thought to whether there is an elegant way of setting out required connections without cluttering up the table. For the most part, the necessary levels are low, so I hope this omission isn’t too detrimental; and

  3. Zakamutt, you are quite right re the Wines conversions - this actually occurred to me shortly after I posted the table. I will update it accordingly. Nice catch re the Incunablum - Enigma conversion - I will factor that in too.
    edited by A B Nile on 1/23/2014

i made something like this a while back, but yours is considerably more complete i could fill it out if people like!

Not sure of it, but it seems to me that the cost is the same for all items. 2 cp to go from tier 2 to tier 3 with the “small” change, 5 cp to go from tier 3 to tier 4 and… 30 or so to go from tier 4 to tier 5.

You can write this cp cost information on the top and, near to the horizontal colums, the connection which is consumed (apart form academics and maybe secrets, it is the same for every conversion - rumors have society, wines have church, nostalgia have bohemians, and so on…)

[quote=gulbanana]i made something like this a while back, but yours is considerably more complete i could fill it out if people like![/quote] I really like your layout and would be very happy if you did. More infographics never hurt.

Oh, wow, until this day I have never noticed there was a loop through all third tier items)

Maybe add a separate row for Fidgeting?

gulbanana, I like your picture very much. It’s very clear and immediately obvious what goes where. Less information actually helps with readability.

[quote=mayexist][quote=gulbanana]i made something like this a while back, but yours is considerably more complete i could fill it out if people like![/quote] I really like your layout and would be very happy if you did. More infographics never hurt.[/quote]

The spider-web layout is very nice! I agree that more of this type of thing can’t hurt - players at different levels have different information requirements, after all.

The challenge for my table is to cram in as much information as possible while trying to keep it relatively uncluttered and easy to read. I’ve made a couple of changes for the additional Wines conversions and some others, and am trying a couple of other things. I will post an updated table later this evening.


Very nice table.

A small thing I’ve noticed: You should add the Bazaar buy/sell price of Pulsating Amber (100E/62.5E).

Nice work. One thing: You’re missing the Antique Mystery -> Primaeval Hint conversion.

Yes, thanks. I noticed that today while I was double-checking whether or not the higher tier items were convertible. It’s been updated - new table out later!

Thanks also to dov for the Pulsating Amber catch.


Thank you, Mr. Nile! Tempting Tier 8 items . . . .

The table has now been updated - the new document is linked HERE. I will also update the link in the first post in this thread.

The changes are:

  • updates to conversions in the Mysteries, Wines and Elder Categories

  • non-standard conversion routes are still shown shaded, but in a darker colour

  • some endnotes explain the required connections, including levels

  • a few other cosmetic changes and typo corrections.

edited by A B Nile on 1/24/2014

I like both tables. Nile’s table is very complete, with information about the amount of items given per conversion, which is very useful when grinding for a higher tier item. The spiderweb is a nice design which gives a quick overview as to what converts to what.

These are looking great and it always helps to have more resources.

Since I haven’t seen it mentioned yet, I will put in a plug for the table on the wiki, which I have been using for years (mostly to be reminded of the sequence of the tier 3 loop):

I love the echo value change on the wiki’s table, though I see it’s not as up-to-date.