Is Time, the Healer late for everyone?

I usually get my TTH around GMT 0800, but it’s already GMT 1400 and still not yet. Anyone else having a delay?

Same here. I suspect that it is somehow connected with the beginning of Christmas seasonal event.
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Yes, me too. My alt usually gets TtH in the early hours of Monday morning GMT, but nothing yet. My main isn’t until Wednesday, so … we’ll see, I guess.

I wondered if it might be connected to the changes to the candle/deck refresh mechanism, but the Christmas thing is probably more likely.
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Yes I thought it was to do with snowfall. Still nothing!

That would work artistically, the mails have been delayed because of the snow.:)

– Mal

TTH arrived, late, without pails :(

Arrived about 8 hours late, but nothing seasonal for me.

Protip: It isn’t yet December in IRL!London, thus it isn’t yet December in Fallen London. Midnight December 1st hits for IRL!London at around 4 hours from the time I make this post. By that time, for me, it will have been December 1st for 13 hours.

Typically in years past, I’ve found that Sacksmas doesn’t really kick off until it’s at least 0:00 1/12 GMT. I can’t recall if the access code goes out immediately at that time, but I suspect it might actually go out at 8:00 - 9:00 GMT on the same day, or roughly around the time business hours begin in IRL!London.

As for why TtH is late, I have no clue. I do know there was some server hiccups last night though (around 11-12 hours prior to this post).

Got TTH earlier this morning and still without a snowfall. Oh well. I hope Failbetter won’t let me miss a pail.

Yep, same here! Quite an unlucky time to meet the Healer, I’m afraid…

[color=#0066ff]We had some server issues late on Sunday which caused a backlog of living stories, including Time, the Healer. We were able to fix it yesterday afternoon, so all should now be well.[/color]

Hmmm. Has anyone else got a pail of lacre yet? I just had TtH and no snow for me.

Global warming has finally hit the Neath? No snow for me either.

No snow for me either — Dec 1st at 6AM London Time so whatever is pushing it back wasn’t that

no, no snow for me either after the Time event.