Is this supposed to be an option?

At the moment, my shadowy is dreadfully low seeing how far I am with the making your name storyline. As such, I have looked around for a way to circumvent this problem. What I found is that you can raise casing for a high-level theft in the area-diving storylet. It’s inefficient, but has practically no chance at raising your suspicion, meaning those with a shadowy of 60 can rob anywhere with enough patience. I think that it comes out to 2cp per action, which is pretty bad. If you have higher shadowy, you can do the same thing robbing paintings in the flit. This also works for inspired. Is this supposed to be a thing?

Yes, various progress qualities are used in multiple locations. The downside to using the lower-level options is both slower stat growth and longer grinding. For reference the casing options in the Flit give 3 CP per action each with additional bonuses on some; the PoSI option gives 3 CP as well but without a challenge, and the Gang of Hoodlums gives 3.6 CP.

I certainly don’t consider it an exploit by any means. It is a nice leg-up if used properly. But quite soon it makes more sense to run the higher-levels for everything

I like the image of thieves that took the Da Vinci Code too seriously. “Look! The background of this painting has a sketch of the Brass Embassy’s stairwells! Three more museums and I’ll piece together the blueprint.”

That’s what i did. To be fair, you can get a lot of tries in if you knock at the door with a painting-like package, bellow &quotpackage for mr. fedduci&quot, and barge in. either you did it right and no one is home, or you did it wrong and deliver the painting. perfect plot.