Is there anything important to do in term passing?

Before moving on to the rest of the university content, is there anything important to do in term passing before those stories get locked?

I’ve been looking through the wiki and found options to raise SotC and raise hedonist to 15, but I’m not sure if there aren’t better ways of doing that elsewhere. I also want to snag any limited items or hard to obtain qualities, if those exist.
edited by Harlocke on 4/28/2016

Hedonist is very hard to do elsewhere, so if you want it at 15, there is no better place.

For SotC, there are better Fate ways, but it is a good non-Fate way.

The option to raise SotC there is one of the best available ways. If I’m remembering right there may also be another way to do so open during the rest of the University content. Either way, it’s free and much faster than grinding it in Court via symphony.

Can you still grind Benthic/Summerset connections afterward? Without donating your expedition rewards.

And there are a bunch of term passing actions that raise connections for other factions. I don’t think I’ve yet found anything else grindable that can raise revolutionaries (that’s just in my own humble exploration though).
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You can still raise benthic/summerset, though it is rather more inefficient. You can also grind revolutionaries in the forgotten quarter, if you’re willing to gather some suspicion with it.

Thanks. Hmm, well, I’ve been deciding whether to leave term passing so I can reach Flute street and work on my rubbery men connections. But it sounds like I should probably spend more time here first. Especially since who knows if revolutionaries or the college factions will be converted to favors soon.
edited by Harlocke on 4/28/2016