Is there any way to cancel a courtly work?

So i’ve not really done much at the palace since i was playing six months ago. It seems i was working on an epic poem when i stopped, and i have 16 inspired so far.

i guess that’s a fair bit to throw down the drain, but i want to do the thing here that levels up Scholar of the Correspondence, because archaeology is my first passion (and i need it for profession)

Can i cancel my poem?
Or, do i even need to? is there a way to finish it and use it to level SotC?
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You can just finish your poem and get started on the Symphonies next. Just be sure to turn down the offer if one is made to you after concluding the poem - you can stay in the Empress’ Court for as long as you like and do as much as you like as long as you keep rejecting the offer.

What do you mean &quotcan&quot?
Can i also not finish it? is there a choice here?
can a poem raise SotC for me?

I’m pretty sure that if you want to write anything else, you need to finish it. The poem cannot raise SotC, but you can just start on the symphony afterwards.

Yes, you need to finish it before moving onto the symphony. I say can because there’s no harm in doing so, and gave you a warning about the offer so you don’t end up going down the route to banishment prematurely.

I’m not sure if this is intentional, but the &quotBurn your work&quot option in &quotThe Writer’s Desk: Begin a Work&quot in Veilgarden doesn’t reset Inspired… (though it does reset Potential and Manuscript Pages, from short stories), so you can use it to switch Court works without losing progress. The option looks like it’s intended to let you start work on a short story even if you’re already working at the Court, since there’s no real reason one should prevent the other except that they use the same quality (Working on…). Not resetting Inspired means you could resume your Court work after finishing the short story, which also makes sense. The ability to retroactively say you were really working on a symphony all that time, not a poem, may be an unintended side effect.
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help, i seem to have run into a problem

ive finished the poem, and two symphonies, but now the option to begin another one isn’t showing

instead, the veteran privy counsellor wants a word with me. This sounds like the road to banishment. What can i do? can i talk to him to some degree, but not follow through, and continue making more symphonies?

Yes, you can talk to him and then refuse his request to create a super-audacious opera. This sets your “Carving Out a Reputation at Court” quality back to 3, which lets you work on more symphonies, poems, novels, etc. Once it reaches 4 again, you have to go talk to him and refuse him again if you want to keep working on those things, etc.