Is there a max to how many of an item you can have

So, to amuse myself on the long grind to Hesperidean Cider, I decided that I was going to pay for a large portion of the cost with souls. More specifically, I’m planning on getting $100,000 from souls alone (using the soul trade’s wholesale prices) which coems out to somewhere NORTH of 3 million souls (at 3 pence a piece). Anyone know of a maximum amount of a particular item that one can have. I’d like to have all of them in my inventory at once, but I don’t want to hit a cap.

I think the cap might be 1 billion or something along those lines. You should be fine.

Yeah, if you approach a billion of anything things start to break down. If you managed to actually get a billion of anything in Fallen London, though, that’d be pretty impressive.
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No one has achieved immortality via rat? I’m shocked.