Is the earth hollow?

Assuming the Bazaar can move throughout the Neath, because the five cities the Bazaar has stolen aren’t near each other on the globe, would that mean the world was hollow with the Neath being some Lovecraftian Agartha?

I imagine that Fallen London isn’t necessarily underneath the former real London, and that the masters somehow just relocate the entire city from where it used to be to this spot in the Neath. After all, there are some rests of the former cities in Fallen London.

The neath doesn’t necessarily care much about spatial consistancy.

But also I think one of the first storylets describes it as a cavern the size of europe. Which is a lot smaller than an entire hollow earth.

Still bigger than I imagined it. Though my mind-image of it has grown a lot since I started playing sunless sea.

The Neath is bigger on the inside…

What if there is no Neath, and the Neath is a lie? :D

This is the best thread because of that.