Is SN being unworkably slow for anyone else?

I’ve been trying to load up social invites all day and the little blinky hat just keeps blinking at me before eventually vanishing. I presume I need to ditch some of these K&C contacts, but it hadn’t been this bad before now, so before I go cutting swathes (heh) through my contact list, I thought I’d see if anyone else had experienced this as a temporary problem.

it’s been a little sluggish but it still works ok for me. i dunno!

It’s sooo you.

I tried 5 different social invitations and the candidates list loaded within 3-7 seconds. I’ve only got 4 pages of contacts, though. Not your 40…

Thanks–randomly dropping people off my contacts list it is!

I had that problem when having ~17 pages of contacts as well (In addition to being completely unable to find the people I wanted). Cutting off 15 pages helped.

I’ve had problems like that before, except really frequent and generally only on a specific network.