Is Removing Inactive Contacts Possible?

Hello. I actually haven’t posted before, other than to request a Parabolan Kitten in a thread, so… Hello.

I (perhaps foolishly) used my own account to see who still had active Fallen London profiles, and who had hidden profiles that could be added, from a rather large list on another forum i frequent. It’s quite obvious that many of them do not play. Is there any way to remove them from my contacts? I can’t snub them, because they haven’t ever accepted my card, or sent one of their own.

Apologies if there’s a really obvious way and I missed it, I’ve only been playing for a few months and still get the overwhelmed newbie feeling.

Look at the top right - you will see your name and account. Click on that and you will get to a list of your contacts. From there you can delete unwanted contacts.

That doesn’t quite help with finding out which contacts are inactive and which aren’t.

What you could do, which is what I did for a short while, is record whether or not they’re in London, available for Plant Fites, if they’re stabable with candles, or if they have wounds, then check again in a week. If there’s a change, then they’re active! Otherwise, wait a while I guess.

It’s long and tedious work though. A more efficient and/or easier means would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you both! I didn’t want to put the Clay Men before the Landau and ask about the best way to discern if someone is still active before knowing if there was a way to remove people. I appreciate both of your helpful answers.

What I do every now and then is write down the list of all the contacts I have.
Then, I’ll send them all social actions (Chess, Sparring, Coffee, etc).
If they’re not presently available (for whatever reason) I’ll make a note of it - and remember to keep them on my contacts list for now. Similarly, I’ll keep the people I interact with regularly, are Protégés, or who I know for certain are still active.

The others, I’ll delete from my Contacts list. As people respond to the actions, I can re-add them, and if they send an action in return they are automatically re-added to my Contacts.

I don’t tend to do this terribly often as it does consume a lot of actions, though it is a very good way to replenish my Second Chances and a chance to reconnect with people I haven’t spoken to in a while. ^_^