Is possible to become Governor of Colony

I was wonder because that would interesting section on have managing strange affairs of Elder Continent for the Crown.

I don’t think we can do anything in the Elder Continent at this time.

Indeed - it would be interesting, and presumably will be interesting, but the Elder Continent and the promised role of Colonial Governor isn’t yet accessible.

Yep, it would be awesome to become a Governor, but at the same time I would loath to leave London for long. And travel through Unterzee takes so much time. I wish there was some faster mode of transport.

Yeah, they implemented a Fate-Locked fast travel, but it is an option on the card “A Wily Zailor”, so it is entirely random as to its actual effectiveness. Wouldn’t it be more logical to have the option as a fixed storylet at Wolfstack Docks instead?

Well, a certain barrister promised me that this would be possible… so perhaps it will be, someday?