Is Mr. Eaten's name forever lost?

I had read a long while ago about Mr. Eaten’s name and loved the idea of the quest, and having pushed myself deep into the game already, I would have enjoyed driving in a direction I should never head…but the content I was most excited about was all but gone now, from what I had read. I really do want to partake in such a dangerous liquor…but having the vintage wash down the drain is quite disappointing…

It should be coming back eventually. Just gotta wait until it’s ready to be released again to enjoy.

A reckoning will not be postponed indefinitely.

Out of curiosity, why exactly was it disabled to begin with?

They wrote about it.

Interesting read. Makes me wonder what that straw that broke the nameless camel’s back was. And what kind of personality it takes to stride past a “Don’t do this, it will cost you everything and give nothing in return” warning and then demand a refund.

The post that The Machinist has linked suggested that Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name would return in 2014 at some point, though it’s safe to assume that’s been pushed back.

I began playing FL after SMEN was retired, and am curious to play through it - though probably on an alt character, so I don’t lose progress I’ve made on my main (and so I can try a different ambition - maybe Heart’s Desire?)

Hopefully SMEN comes back soon(ish), regardless. ^_^
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Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve wondered that many a time as well.

OTOH, I feel like the deliberate ambiguity of exactly how apocryphal/inaccessible this content is and for how long kind of suits it, really. And there should probably be higher priorities in terms of building out unfinished content past the current boundaries. Short of a flat &quotIT’S JUST NEVER COMING BACK, OKAY&quot I can wait ;)

[color=#009900]I am ferociously keen to do it! It’s proved infuriatingly difficult to clear my desk long enough to make it happen.[/color]

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Here’s a summary I did a while ago.

Thanks for the reassurance! We’ll manage, indeed probably better without it than with honestly (not that that will stop us, of course).

Haha! I love the idea of being ferociously keen about something… especially something like this!

Haha! I love the idea of being ferociously keen about something… especially something like this![/quote]

Maybe he just needs a few million rats to help placate his ferocity? At the next Ratmas, then!

No rats for Alexis even at Ratmas.

But I do hope that he manages to clear his desk as soon as possible. I would love to get back to Seeking :)

We love you, tiger! We shall light candles in your Name.

I am aggressively interested in Seeking the Name. North and the Name have been one of the primary factors keeping me engaged with the game, and I only recently heard that the content was retired.

I deeply hope for a chance to try it.