Is it worth farming dubious testimony or inklings?

In the latest exceptional story, there is an action that grants 2 dubious testimony and 2 inklings of identity. I’ve never encountered dubious testimony before, and have barely used inklings. Their rarity is listed as coveted and scarce, but I have no idea if they’re important to stockpile. Is it worth farming a bunch of these items for a bit before this action goes away?

I’m a correspondent and get paid in dubious testimonies. Really haven’t found a use for them outside of selling them off.

The only use I know of for Dubious Testimonies is becoming closest to the Great Game. And that only costs 3, so unless you’re planning to betray and join them on a regular basis for some reason, you don’t need a whole bunch.

Inklings of Identity are more useful, but there are better ways of getting those.

In addition to various professions, you can also rarely acquire it via
high level bundles of oddities
and unusual penance

It doesn’t really serve a purpose though.

Well, I got a bunch anyway, just in case. Never know what will come in handy, right?

Inklings of identity are useful for creating Books of Hidden Bodies, but there are more efficient ways to gain them.